The E.KO IONISER completely replaces the resin systems and is therefore one of the most ecological systems available.
The E.KO IONISER not only saves you high costs for additives and the disposal of hazardous waste but also reduces scrap and waste due to its stable high water quality.
The E.KO IONISER is a “plug and Play” sealed unit which is exchanged once the unit on the machine needs replacing.

• Reduced cost.
• Reduced down time.
• Reduced waste.
• Reduced corrosion, improved quality.

Already widely used by all all major EDM Manufacturers throughout Europe the system is now available in the UK through MAKREP EDM SOLUTIONS.

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The Company EASYMETAL was formed in 1998 after the idea of developing a new product for the existing de-ionization cartridges on EDM Machines was conceived.

MAKREP became the U.K Agents in 2015 and will be concentrating on 2 products, the E.KO IONISER and the EASYRO systems although all EASYMETAL Products will be available.

Whether as basis for cooling lubricant in milling, grinding and turning, or as EASY refill system for your eroding machine, the EASYFILL series was specifically developed for your water demand.

Space saving and easy to handle, the efficient EASYFILL produces guaranteed optimal treated water for your machines.

Each unit can provide up to 2400 litres of de-ionised water a day (24 hours).

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