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Makrep was formed by two former Mitsubishi (UK) EDM employees, Martin Knapman and James Collick in 2001. The company aims to provide a comprehensive service package to suit your EDM machine tool needs.

We can Install, Commission and Service Mitsubishi EDM Machines in the U.K and Ireland.

We are also sales and service partner for OscarMax EDM and E.KO IONISER deionising systems.

E.KO IONISER series was especially developed for treating water generated by wire-EDM machines. This unique technology makes it possible to have an optimal ph-value with the lowest conductance value of the water and this over the entire service life of the machine.
Pitting or corrosion is thereby avoided, ensuring the utilization of the full machine potential with very long service lives.

OSCAR E.D.M. COMPANY  was established in 1985 and based on the continuous breakthrough concept and outstanding R&D capability presents a new generation of EDM to meet the market requirements.

‚ÄčOSCAR EDMs have won high reputation in domestic and overseas market.